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Career Opportunities

Early Childhood Teacher

SPHDS is seeking a qualified Early Childhood Teacher to work with the 18 months to 5 year-old age groups in our exceptional program. Part Time and Full Time positions available.

We are searching for someone who:

  • Loves working with children and understands Early Childhood Development
  • Possesses a high affinity and patience for supporting children
  • Has energy and a willingness to engage with children on their level
  • Great team player and a communicative person who takes initiatives
  • Energetic, responsible and punctual
  • Open minded, flexible and wants to learn and grow
  • Punctual, responsible and enthusiastic
  • Fluent in Hebrew


- Create and maintain a safe, clean and open-ended play-based environment

- Plans, supervises and implements developmentally appropriate experiences for the children indoors and outdoors.

- Observe and identify the needs of each child and build a plan for the child’s growth

- Attend school events and staff meeting

- Communicate effectively and collaborate with families and other faculties


- Candidate must have a minimum of 12 E.C.E. semester units (including core classes)

- 6 months experience working with children in a licensed child care center or comparable group program

- Knowledge of open-ended, play-base environment is preferable

About the school:

South Peninsula Hebrew Day School is an established institution with over forty years of

history. South Peninsula, currently serves students from preschool through eighth grade. The

school is bilingual and bicultural. Our students are diverse with respect to their ethnic

backgrounds, countries of origin, languages spoken and levels of economic privilege. Bridging

this diversity is a core part of the school's mission. Our preschool’s philosophy is a Jewish,

Open-Ended, Play-Based environment.

For more information, visit call 408-738-3060 or email