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Tuition Assistance

SPHDS is committed to offering an exemplary Jewish education to all families. Awards of tuition assistance are subject to the availability of funds, therefore the school cannot guarantee aid or the level of aid repeated in subsequent years. SPHDS strives to provide assistance to the widest range of families.

All scholarship offered by SPHDS are moral scholarships if granted a scholarship, the recipient has a future moral obligation to support the SPHDS Scholarship Fund to the best of their ability. If one's financial circumstances allow, the recipient will repay the amount of any scholarship received.

To apply for tuition assistance please go to FACTS Grant & Aid, complete the application and submit the supporting documentation.

Tuition Assistance Important Dates:

  1. Applications will be reviewed when all requested documentation (which must include your 2019 taxes and your 2019 W-2) is completed and submitted online. Funds are awarded based on availability in each round, thus the ability of the financial aid committee to award financial aid in subsequent rounds is limited. Financial aid applications deadline is February 29, 2020.

All information submitted to the committee is held in the strictest confidence and presented to the tuition assistance committee anonymously.

For more information regarding tuition press please email