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Due to COVID-19, certain activities and events such as field trips and community celebrations are postponed.

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Our warm, welcoming and homey Early Childhood environment is designed to support the developmental needs of the children: Cognitive, Physical, and Social & Emotional. Through these areas of development children gain the lifelong skills needed to succeed in grade school and beyond.
Our unique Kindergarten program balances Academic and Social & Emotional learning with Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Art, Computer Science, and Music. Building a strong foundation for literacy, numeracy and problem solving provides children with the keys to unlocking their potential and sets them on a path to success.
Where tradition meets innovation: Language Arts, Math, Science, and History meet Hebrew, Judaic Studies and more.

Our Philosophy

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Although our students share a common heritage, they represent a wide range of cultural, national and religious backgrounds, and we treasure their diversity.
SPHDS is committed to maintaining its tradition of striking a careful balance in the fast-changing world. We serve students from the local community, as well as those from Israel. We adhere to Orthodox and Zionist principles, yet we are inclusive and respectful of Jewish diversity. We put great value on a traditional religious background, while embracing contemporary thought and the full teachings of science. Our pursuit of excellence in a diverse community creates a rich, varied, fulfilling experience for our children, from both intellectual and religious perspectives.
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