Mission & Philosophy

Mission of SPHDS

The mission of South Peninsula Hebrew Day School is to provide students with an excellent education in General and Judaic studies, and to instill in them Jewish values, and a love of Torah, the Jewish people and Israel.

Philosophy of SPHDS
(adopted 9/17/1999; revised 8/12/2012)

Founded in 1972, South Peninsula Hebrew Day School is a modern Orthodox institution that embraces the sophistication and multi-culturalism of the Bay Area while adhering to traditional Jewish observance. We participate actively in the Jewish Community Federation and belong to the Torah U’Mesorah organization. We encourage service to the larger Jewish community and a love of Israel.

Although our students share a common heritage, they represent a wide range of cultural, national and religious backgrounds, and we treasure their diversity.

SPHDS is committed to excellence in both General and Judaic studies to provide students with the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We recognize that each student is unique and are committed to working with them as individuals to foster self-esteem and to deepen their sense of personal and communal responsibility.

Our General studies program is well-rounded and rigorous. Its goal is to prepare students for entry into the high school programs of their choice by imparting a high level of such skills as writing, research, study skills, scientific experimentation and critical thinking. The curriculum includes English language and literature, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. These are complemented with instruction in Computer Science, Music, Art and Physical Education.

Our Judaic studies program includes both Hebrew language and Jewish text.

Hebrew language study begins in the earliest grades. Its goal is to provide children a high degree of bilingualism and to enrich their understanding of Jewish history, culture and religion. Â Judaic studies draws upon knowledge of both languages. Its goal is to establish textual fluency among students, to ensure they finding personal meaning in the material and to equip them to undertake personal study.

SPHDS is committed to maintaining its tradition of striking a careful balance in the fast-changing world. We serve students from the local community, as well as those from Israel. We adhere to Orthodox and Zionist principles, yet we are inclusive and respectful of Jewish diversity. We put great value on a traditional religious background, while embracing contemporary thought and the full teachings of science. Our pursuit of excellence in a diverse community creates a rich, varied, fulfilling experience for our children, from both intellectual and religious perspectives.