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It all comes down to excellence in a real-world education.

School should prepare your child to succeed in the real world, away from whiteboards and workbooks. In the real world, the ability to solve problems and negotiate relationships with integrity is more important than test scores or letter grades. That is the kind of education we wish that all children received in schools.

It’s also what you’ll find at SPHDS.

SPHDS is a school that will prepare your child for the most important challenges of life.

How to sort fact from fiction. How to stand up for principles. How to make appropriate compromises. How to decide which questions have more than one answer.

Our commitment to preparing children to thrive is based upon a very special education program. At SPHDS, your child’s education is different from anywhere else.

It’s Differentiated. We are committed to offering individual attention to each child within a classroom that is flexible, non-frontal and oriented to the effective use of small group instruction.

It’s Data-driven. Instruction is driven by clear standards of what students should achieve. It is supported by frequent formal and informal assessment of student progress that is shared effectively with home. Instructors adapt constantly to the results of the data they gather.

It’s Integrated. Strands of curricula are naturally and carefully aligned so that students draw common patterns and themes from each subject they study.

It’s Hands-on. Learning happens within the context of the real world, breaking beyond the frames of books, worksheets, and whiteboards. Students develop skills by doing, by building, by measuring, by experimenting. They get hands dirty, take chances and face real problems along the way.

It’s Ethically grounded. The SPHDS program supports moral and ethical development in every aspect of the school experience. A coherent set of behavioral standards are mandated for the entire community. Teachers offer planned, periodic time to train students for their role as good citizens of their school, home, and civic communities. Lessons of character rise beyond slogans and rules, becoming part of the dialogue that takes place in school and will be reflected by deeply ingrained habits of behavior that are fundamental to the very nature of SPHDS.

It’s Inclusive. Students are expected to strive, to succeed and to achieve in ways that are appropriate to the talents that God has bestowed upon them. Appropriate time, material and staffing are provided to support students who face challenges. SPHDS also provides opportunities to enrich student learning in areas where they are ready to move forward and excel beyond the minimum level of state standards.