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Faculty & Staff

Early Childhood Department
Flordeliza Bernstein, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Melisa Davila O’conor, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Katherine Erez, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Sarah Eylon, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Viridiana Garcia, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Jazmin Grosskopf, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Liat Koren, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Alexandria Lacanlale, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Ilanit Lazmi, Early Childhood Teacher -  [email protected]
Ahn Le, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Sharon Lopez Sanchez, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Ayelet Mikaelovich, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Phuong Kim Nguyen, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Danielle Perrine, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Ronit Rose Waissman, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Ruth Shore, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]
Lidia Silva - Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected]  
Seema Singh, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Jana Tiv, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Irene Wong, Early Childhood Teacher - [email protected] 
Early Childhood Administration
Clara Bendayan-Rosenfeld, Early Childhood Judaic Curriculum Coordinator – [email protected]
Mirjam Cohen, Early Childhood Music & Program Director - [email protected]
  Jacqueline Tran, Early Childhood Program Office Manager- [email protected]
K-8, General Studies  

Wendy Gibb, K-8 Science Specialist and Grade 5-8 Science Instructor- [email protected] 

Dianne Hill, Kindergarten and 1st Grade General Studies Aide - [email protected] 

Elana Joffe, 4th Grade General Studies – [email protected]

 Lauren Khalaf, Kindergarten and 1st Grade General Studies – [email protected]
 Lori Meyers, General Studies Chair and 1st Grade Teacher - [email protected]
 Lisa Overman, Grade 5-8 Humanities Instructor - [email protected] 
 Melody Orozco, 2nd and 3rd Grade General Studies - [email protected]
 Todd Shaff, K-8 Mathematics Specialist and Grade 5-8 Mathematics Instructor- [email protected] 
  Debra Stein Walfish, Kindergarten STEM -  [email protected] 
K-8 Jewish Studies  

Rabbi Reuven Goldstein, Grade 5, 7/8 Judaic Studies – [email protected]

Rena Bendel, 1st and 4th Grade Judaic Studies - [email protected] 

Ellen Feldman, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Judaic Studies – [email protected]

Sarah R Felsen, Judaic Studies Department Chair– [email protected]

Chany Poupko, 3rd Grade Judaic Studies - [email protected] 

Rabbi Eliezer Poupko, Middle School Gemara and Boys Shacharit -  [email protected]  

Rachel Rafelson, Judaic Studies and Hebrew - [email protected]

Tzila Dagan, 6th Grade Navi & Chumash; Middle School Girls Shacharit -  [email protected] 

Rav Avigdor Ashtar, 5th Grade Mishna & Chumash- [email protected] 


Malka Feldman, Teacher Aide- [email protected] 

K-8 Hebrew Department


Liron Blootrich, 3rd and 5th Dovrei Ivrit- Hebrew – [email protected]

Sharon B Horovitz, Kindergarten Hebrew and Grades 1 and 2 Dovrei Ivrit  – [email protected]

Merav Keren, 1st, 2nd and 5th Dovrei Ivrit Hebrew - [email protected]

Michal Kopelman, 3rd and 4th Grade and Middle School Dovrei Anglit & K-8 Hebrew Department Chair – [email protected]

Ayelet Omer, 5th Grade Chumash & Tefilla; 4th Grade & Middle School Dovrei Ivrit  [email protected] 

Yael Friedman, Kindergarten Hebrew Aide - [email protected] 

Eliana Peretz, General Studies Kindergarten Aide - [email protected] 

K-8 Specials


Steven Hargrove, Athletic Director – [email protected]

Taly Shemy, Art Teacher – [email protected]

Sarah Sokolovsky, Music Teacher -  [email protected] 

K-8 Learning Specialist


Mindy Cramer, Director of Student Services - [email protected]

Debra Stein Walfish, Learning Specialist-  [email protected] 

Sr. Administration


ThuHang Dang, Director of Early Childhood - [email protected]


Atara Goldberg, Admissions Director - [email protected] 

Jason Gottleib, Principal - [email protected] 

Naama Iram, Social Media Manager - [email protected] 

Debbie Lindenbaum- Director of Development & Community Engagement-[email protected] 

Shona Schwartz, Assistant Principal -  [email protected] 

Chelsea Shuck, Director of Operations –[email protected]

Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, Head of School - [email protected]

Desirie Ross, Office Manager -  [email protected] 



  Gladys Amaya, Facilities – [email protected]
 Jose Amaya, Facilities – [email protected]
Kitchen Staff  
 Maria Cabrera, Head Chef - [email protected]
 Marylin Shechter, Kashrut Supervisor -  [email protected]