Annual Fund


“Mommy, will you read me a story?” After snacks, stories are the number one request in my house. My children love getting lost in the pictures, learning valuable lessons with the Berenstain Bears or celebrating Jewish holidays with Sammy Spider. And as a mother, my favorite part about story time are the conversations that take place in between the pages of the book – listening to the stories that my children share about themselves and discovering little bits of their individual personalities, shining through their faces, as they gleefully relay over an idea or dream or event that happened in their day. Often it does not stop there. Usually there is a follow up question of, “What about you, Mommy?”, and I am allowed to share some of my own ideas with them, share a little bit of my own story.

Each one of our students has their own story. Their own unique way of thinking and playing and dreaming. Their own identity. 30 Kindergarteners can sit in the same classroom, learning the same math lesson, but walk away with 30 different ways of looking at the material.

And this is what makes SPHDS a magical school. We are not just offering excellent academics to our students, we are helping them create their unique Jewish identities, helping them find their voices and tell their stories. We encourage individuality and curiosity, questions and debate. We focus on the strengths of each student, promoting success through understanding. We are creating an entire community of competent, confident, strong Jewish voices.

Each of you plays a part in the story of SPHDS, and each of you share SPHDS as a common thread in your own story.  

SPHDS has been a pillar of the Jewish community in Silicon Valley for over 40 years, and our longevity is directly related to the commitment and generosity of those who make up the SPHDS family.

Our Annual Campaign provides the necessary funds to bridge the gap between the operating budget and dollars raised from tuition. Every dollar raised is appreciated, because these dollars ensure that your SPHDS story is a reality. Without a broad fundraising campaign, including funds from the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, our corporate sponsors, and our generous donors, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide excellent academics in such a nurturing environment to so many children. Thank you to everyone who participated in last year’s campaign and to everyone who will step up in 2017.  

We would not be who we are without your dedication to making our story a great one. So please, share your SPHDS story. What makes SPHDS special for you? Ask your children, ask your friends; appreciate the similarities while celebrating the differences. Be proud of who we are and the role you play to help make us such a remarkable school.


Pomegranates – Rimonim - $36,000+

Grapes – Gefen - $18,000+

Olives – Zeytim - $10,000+

Dates – T’marim - $3,600+

Figs – Te’enim - $1,800+

Wheat – Chitah - $180+

Barley – Seorah -  Up to $180


The future of SPHDS and of our children is bright; by working together, we can take pride in watching them shine!


Nissa Johanix

Board President