About Us

Welcome to South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, a Jewish day school serving the areas of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Los Altos and San Jose. Founded nearly 40 years ago, SPHDS was the first school south of San Francisco to offer a program of excellence in both Jewish and General Studies. Since then, our community has grown in important ways. The Bay Area is now the third largest Jewish community in the United States. It is a home to Jews from many different backgrounds, traditions and countries of origin. Our community is complex, diverse, rich in talent and above all passionate about the education of its children. SPHDS is just as diverse, complex and passionate about its values and mission.

The strength of SPHDS is a deep and abiding commitment to the idea that every member of the Jewish people is welcomed here. To learn. To grow. To play. To celebrate. To discover. Under the auspices of a modern, Orthodox and inclusive school, we invite you to join a very special community of parents, students and teachers.

When you visit, you’ll make some exciting discoveries.

  •  An early childhood program that stimulates creativity using wood and clay, water and paint.
  •  A rich, bilingual community where Hebrew is spoken on the playground and in the parking lot.
  •  A morally sensitive environment where children care deeply about responsibility and respect.
  •  A cutting edge academic program that includes robotics, modern literature and Singapore math.
  •  A commitment to academic inclusion that challenges learners at all levels.
  •  A nurturing program that supports the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

Please feel free to call upon me or any of my staff as you explore the best school for your child. We are all delighted to offer our individual assistance and support.

Again, welcome.

Rabbi Shaye Guttenberg