Welcome Letter

It is with great excitement that we begin the re-enrollment process for the 2017-2018 academic school year.  For over 40 years, SPHDS has been the premier Jewish Day School of Silicon Valley, offering the highest level of General, Hebrew and Judaic education with exemplary student-focused learning. As parents, you see first hand the curiosity and growth that permeate our campus. We have focused an enormous amount of energy, thought and finances into professional development and special resources that allow for all children, regardless of their learning styles, to feel comfortable and excel in our school. We are transforming the learning experience for our children while remaining true to our roots. This enables us to remain focused on our mission and to ensure that “Our school is made for children, just children.”

Choosing to send your child to SPHDS is an investment that your family will benefit from and cherish forever. We thank you for trusting us to educate your precious children, for giving generously, for volunteering, for your support, and for your commitment to SPHDS. 

A major responsibility of the Board of Directors of SPHDS is to maintain the financial stability of the school.  We are pleased to report that, as a result of diligent strategic and financial planning and prudent fiscal management, SPHDS  is financially stable. The budget and tuition process are constantly evaluated, with special consideration given to the organizational requirements, educational necessities and economic constraints on our families.

In this packet, you will find all relevant information for re-enrollment, tuition, financial aid, school schedule and payments for the 2017-2018 academic year. This year we are introducing a new, very exciting Preschool Dividends program that is also highlighted in this packet.

Please review the enclosed information carefully and do not hesitate to contact the administrative team for assistance.

Our very best,


Rabbi Shaye Guttenberg, MS, MBA                                              

Head of School