A glimpse into third grade

We’ve been having fun in third grade with rhythm, singing, movement, and instruments. Students have been singing and acting out a funny echo song called “The Princess Pat,” pictured above. They’ve been mastering their solfege (Do, Re, Mi…) and writing new melodies for their classmates to echo. They have gotten quite good at creating and […]

Chanukah excitement!

There’s an excitement in the air at SPHDS, and it has the faint scent of frying latkes and sufganiyot and the sound of whirring dreidels/sevivonim! As we prepare for Chanukah, the students in music classes have been singing Chanukah tunes, spinning like dreidels, bringing a Chanukah story to life through instruments and drama (make sure […]


At this time of year, we change our davening to include “mashiv haruach u’morid hageshem” – God causes the wind to blow and the rain to fall. This week in music class, pre-school through 2nd grade students listened to a rainstick, pictured below. They used their ears and their imaginations to describe the sound. Rainsticks […]

Yonah was a dude with an attitude…

Fourth and fifth grade students have been busy orchestrating, dramatizing, and rapping the story of Yonah HaNavi in anticipation of Yom Kippur. Using rhythm and rhyme, students told all about Yonah’s journey from when he was given the task to speak to the people of Ninveh, though his adventures at sea, through his episode with […]

1st Grade: Steady Beat Compositions

First graders have been busy composing (creating their own music) using handheld percussion instruments such as hand drums, tambourines, and maracas. They notated their 16-beat compositions by drawing pictures of their instruments of choice. Some students chose to create a pattern, while others opted for a more random order. Students are in the process of […]

Rosh HaShanah!

Students have been making creative crafts in art class! They are excited to bring them home next week and celebrate the holiday!

Commemorating Yom HaShoah

On Monday, April 24th, the middle school students along with the Hebrew faculty led the school’s Yom HaShoah ceremony. The overcast weather and light drizzle reflected the somber mood of the day. The ceremony began with the sound of a single siren and one minute of silence. After the minute of silence, each student recited […]

Fourth Grade: Watercolor Monoprints

The fourth grade students are just beginning a new project! Keeping with the theme of expressive abstraction, each student selects a famous artist’s painting and will paint (with watercolor) on plexiglass a copy of the artwork. Once a wet paper is placed on top of the (now dry) watercolor plexiglass, the student will apply pressure […]

Fourth Grade: Mundane Project

Fourth grade students are in the middle of their Mundane Project. The Mundane Project is a challenging, abstract art experimentation. Each student is assigned one object deemed “mundane” or “plain” and they are challenged to draw their object abstractly, using materials in an unconventional way. The class is put into 3 groups: tennis balls, charcoal, […]

Enthusiasm and Engagement!

Inquiry, collaboration and application, which lead to meaningful, deep learning and help develop critical skills, are hallmark of our middle school program. In science, 6th grade students are investigating geologic hazards and extreme weather and given the torrential rains and mudslides in the Bay Area, this unit could not be timelier! Students are researching targeted, […]