What a preschooler can learn from a Jewish Holiday?

  The beauty in the Jewish holidays is that they can be used as a platform for variety of opportunities of learning. It can be the historic story of the holiday, it can be the symbols and the customs of the holiday, or it can be the values that stands behind the meaning of the […]


Transitions are powerful tools that guide children gently through the day and help children move from one activity to another smoothly. This week we were transitioning from Lag B’omer celebration into Shavu’ot explorations. At the beginning of the week we celebrated Lag B’omer. Room 1, 2 and 3 gathered together to create their handmade Medura […]

Lag B’omer

 This week our preschoolers explored bonfires. A bonfire (Medurah) can contain so many different mediums of explorations. It can be the colors of the fire, the structure and the materials that are being used to build a bonfire, the charcoals, the food that can be cooked in a fire and of course the safety and […]


Next Tuesday, we will be celebrating Israel’s independence day. It took us a while as a nation to get our independence. This journey has been long and rocky. It involved many obstacles along the way, and a lot of learning and growth. At the end we could not have done it without having people who […]

Turn it and turn it again, for all is in it

This busy week with all the Pesach explorations in the preschool including the classroom’s Model Seder, made me think about what Ben Bag Bag say: Turn it and turn it again, for all is in it; – Avos 5, 22בֶּן בַּג בַּג אוֹמֵר, הֲפָךְ בָּהּ וַהֲפָךְ בָּהּ, דְּכֹלָּא בָהּ. (פרקי אבות 5,22)It was inspiring to […]

Children exploring Pesach though their senses

There isn’t a better way for children to explore the holiday than to use our senses. Children gain their knowledge and learn the best through hands on experiences while using their own senses. A great example for that were the children in Room 6. This week while introducing the song Simcha Raba the children were […]

Preschool Afternoon Program

Great things are happening In our Afternoon Program. Your children learn, develop and practice their skills every day. Part of our roles as educators is to constantly look for ways we can encourage children to develop their life long skills. A big part of preschool and growing up is learning how to become an independent […]

Nurturing children’s curiosity

                            During the past few weeks the room 4 children and teachers explored their surroundings. They went outside to the park and to the school’s orchard to explore nature and its wonders. By taking these walks the teachers helped nurture the children’s curiosity. The […]

Six in a little bag

  On Thursday the preschool’s children and teachers celebrated Tu B’shevat as a whole community. We gathered together at the MPR and sang some Tu B’shevat songs accompanied by teacher Sarah the music teacher and her guitar. The teachers surprised the children with performing the story of “Six in a little bag” (ששה בשקיק אחד). The classic […]