Preschool Afternoon Program

Great things are happening In our Afternoon Program. Your children learn, develop and practice their skills every day. Part of our roles as educators is to constantly look for ways we can encourage children to develop their life long skills. A big part of preschool and growing up is learning how to become an independent […]

Nurturing children’s curiosity

                            During the past few weeks the room 4 children and teachers explored their surroundings. They went outside to the park and to the school’s orchard to explore nature and its wonders. By taking these walks the teachers helped nurture the children’s curiosity. The […]

Six in a little bag

  On Thursday the preschool’s children and teachers celebrated Tu B’shevat as a whole community. We gathered together at the MPR and sang some Tu B’shevat songs accompanied by teacher Sarah the music teacher and her guitar. The teachers surprised the children with performing the story of “Six in a little bag” (ששה בשקיק אחד). The classic […]

How young children learn science?

How can we, teachers and parents, guide the two-years-old children’s journey of discovery?  We can use words, but many words are new to them. We can read to them stories, show pictures and sing songs. But ultimately, in order for children to make the connections, develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills they must […]

“What is the right path a man should choose?…”

  During the past few weeks children in rooms 4, 5, and 6 had the opportunity to meet different adults within our community to learn about their jobs and expertise. They were introduced to their uniforms and the tools they use while doing their job, and explored some new ideas and techniques related to these […]

Why is Dramatic Play so Important for Preschoolers?

This week while visiting the classrooms I observed the children being involved in different dramatic play:“Do you want to have some coffee with us? The baby can’t have milk she is allergic! Let’s put the babies in bed, so they can go to sleep. I will bring a blanket to bed to put them in. […]

Shapes Can Be Fun!

What is the difference between a square and a rectangle? For us as an adults this answer seems so obvious, but how do we teach young children these differences and deepen their understanding of the concepts behind each shape?As it is known, the best way for children to learn is through experience. This week in […]

Our school vision for this year is CAR

Our school vision for this year is CAR. This term stands for 3 words: Community, Academic and Respect. Lately, I have given a lot of thought to the Jewish value of Respect. By definition Respect is a way of treating or thinking about something or someone. Some situations I observed and analyzed brought me to […]

Incorporating Jewish holidays with our philosophy

In a few days we are going to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. One of our goals here at SPHDS preschool is to help the children develop their Jewish identity and to expose them to Jewish customs and culture. By introducing the holidays symbols and let them explore those through their senses we spur the children’s curiosity […]