Third Grade: Panama art

Third graders are finishing up their artwork inspired from Panama! Panama’s cultural artwork focuses on bright colors against a dark background, as well as having an animal as a focal point. Each student chose their own animal and are using their own collage-cut designs so create their own Panama art!  

Fourth Grade: Watercolor Monoprints

The fourth grade students are just beginning a new project! Keeping with the theme of expressive abstraction, each student selects a famous artist’s painting and will paint (with watercolor) on plexiglass a copy of the artwork. Once a wet paper is placed on top of the (now dry) watercolor plexiglass, the student will apply pressure […]

Night At The Museum!

Night at the Museum was a success! I’m glad to finally showcase so many wonderful artworks that our students have created. It was wonderful to see families enjoy the display as well as see their child’s artwork. Thank you to all of the artists!  

Fourth Grade: Mundane Project

Fourth grade students are in the middle of their Mundane Project. The Mundane Project is a challenging, abstract art experimentation. Each student is assigned one object deemed “mundane” or “plain” and they are challenged to draw their object abstractly, using materials in an unconventional way. The class is put into 3 groups: tennis balls, charcoal, […]

Celebrating Purim!

All grades have been in the festive Purim spirit! Each class have been making different Purim craft activities, such as shakers, drawing hamentashens, and creating boxes for them. Take a look!  

Third Grade: Ugandan Paper Beads

Next country that the third graders are traveling to is Uganda. Students are learning how to make their own paper bead jewelry. Each student begins with coloring their paper and slowly rolling each paper until turns into a tight, unique-shaped bead. Each bead is different, and meticulously rolled by hand. To make a full necklace […]

Second Grade: Kandinsky mobile

Second grade students are learning a new abstract artist: Kandinsky. He is very well known for his colorful, bold circle artworks. Students are focusing on the bright use of color, as well as patterns within the circles. Then, students will cut out the circles, attach them onto a string, and hang the strings onto a […]

K: Creating boardgames

These past weeks, I’ve introduced the kindergarten class on how to create their own games. Students used any material of their choice in decorating their board. They not only designed their games, but created different rules on how to play. Once finished, each student took turns showing others how to play their own game. Students had a […]

Third Grade: Dhurrie Rugs

Third grade students are finishing up their colorful rugs inspired by India’s dhurrie rugs. Students were using bright, bold colors and simple patterns to create a one-of-a-kind design!