Yonah was a dude with an attitude…

Fourth and fifth grade students have been busy orchestrating, dramatizing, and rapping the story of Yonah HaNavi in anticipation of Yom Kippur. Using rhythm and rhyme, students told all about Yonah’s journey from when he was given the task to speak to the people of Ninveh, though his adventures at sea, through his episode with […]

1st Grade: Steady Beat Compositions

First graders have been busy composing (creating their own music) using handheld percussion instruments such as hand drums, tambourines, and maracas. They notated their 16-beat compositions by drawing pictures of their instruments of choice. Some students chose to create a pattern, while others opted for a more random order. Students are in the process of […]

Welcome to Musical Notes!

Welcome to Musical Notes, where you can stay “tuned” to all that is happening in music classes at SPHDS! This week, students in 2nd through 5th grades played Boomwhackers to accompany the chords to the popular song “Ivri Anochi (I’m a Jew and I’m Proud),” as performed by Benny Friedman. First graders got busy composing […]