The many benefits to a music education

There are many exciting things going on in music classes at SPHDS. Students in multiple grades have been doing ear-training on solfège singing (think: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do) and by echoing and leading clapped rhythms. We have played musical games that encourage students to sing both alone and together, others that […]

Parshat Yitro by Benjamin Shore

Parashat Yitro: Parashat Yitro describes the most important event in the life of the Jewish People: The appearance of Hashem to the People of Israel on Mount Sinai and the giving of Asseret Ha-Dibrot. Our Sages of Blessed Memory saw the Ten Dibrot as the foundation of all the other Mitzvot that appear in the […]

Parshat Yitro by Jonathan Thomas

YISRO So in this parsha Yisro is telling Moshe that the way he is leading the people לה טוב הדבר אשר אתה עושה “the thing you’re doing is not good” he needs to delegate and share the burdens of leadership and there is one other place that it says that and that is in breshit […]

Parshat Beshalach by Hadasa Layosh

בפרשת בשלח בני ישראל יוצאים ממיצריים ולוקחים איתם את ארון הקבורה של יוסף ואז המיצרים רודפים אחרייהם עד ים סוף ובני ישראל לא יודעים מה לעשות ואז משה מיתפלל לה” והוא חוצה את הים לישניים ובני ישראל הולכים ביבשה בתוך הים והמיצרים הולכים אחרייהם וטבעים בים.ובני ישראל שרים את שירת הים.אפשר לילמוד מהפרשה שאי אפשר […]

Parshat Beshalach by Libby Sealman

פרשת בשלח In this week’s Parasha, Bnei Israel leave Egypt, only to find Egyptians chasing them to take them back to Egypt. In the pasuk it says the Jews shouted to Hashem: “ויצעקו בני ישראל”. Rashi shows that Bnei Israel weren’t just shouting, they were davening to Hashem like the Fathers davened to Hashem. But […]

Parshat Bo by Yoni Ahron

Parshat Bo The torah tells us that Pharaoh asks Moshe who he wants to take out of Mitzrayim to serve his G-d. Moshe replies that the young and old are all going. Pharaoh then tells Moshe, “I have seen a star and it’s name is Raa, It will wipe out your nation.” In gematria the […]

Parshas Vaeira by Sheindy Marcus

This week’s Parsha is Parsha Vaera the Second Parsha in Sefer Shemot. Moshe is asked by Hashem to go and ask Pharaoh to let the Jews out of Egypt. But when he asks, not only does Pharaoh say no but he makes the work harder for the Jews. So Moshe asks Hashem, “Why have You […]

Parshat Va’eira by Malka Handwerker

This week’s parsha is parshas וארא and I wanted to talk to you about one of Hashem’s names that is mentioned in this parsha. So is says וארא אל אברהם אל יצחק ואל יעקב באל ש-י and the sages said that this name stood for מי שאמר לעולמו די or “He who said to his […]

Parshat Shemot by Chana Rivka Lewis

Parshat Shemot When moshe was shepherding yisro’s sheep one ran away as he was looking for the sheep he notices a burning bush that was not being consumed by the fire. וַיֵּרָ֠א מַלְאַ֨ךְ יְהֹוָ֥ה אֵלָ֛יו בְּלַבַּת־אֵ֖שׁ מִתּ֣וֹךְ הַסְּנֶ֑ה וַיַּ֗רְא וְהִנֵּ֤ה הַסְּנֶה֙ בֹּעֵ֣ר בָּאֵ֔שׁ וְהַסְּנֶ֖ה אֵינֶ֥נּוּ אֻכָּֽל: He was surprised by this, instead of wondering and […]

Parshat Shemot by Sima Levine

Dvar Torah on Parshas Shemos By: Sima Levine In perek ה pasuk ט it says “כבד העבודה על האנשים ויעשו בה ואל ישעו בדברי שקר” This means “let the work be heavier upon the men and let them engage in it and let them not pay attention to false words” What did Pharaoh refer to […]