Scaling Up Excellence!

In Ms. Brown’s 5th grade math class, students designed physical models of a miniature golf course and drafted a blueprint of the golf course to scale.  By drafting a blueprint to scale, the children represented the proportional ratio of the dimensions of the miniature golf course blueprint to the same features of the original (or […]

Wishing You a Sweet New Year!

Through hands-on learning, kindergarten students investigate honey bees, pollination, and the collection of honey. By integrating the science of pollination and Rosh HaShanah, students make connections between science and Judaic studies thereby increasing their overall engagement in learning.  Categories Active Zone – Pictures from P.E General Middle School's Blog Musical Notes Pearls from Preschool Rabbi Lieberman […]

Exploring Polymers in 6th Grade Science!

6th grade students making sodium alginate polymers (long chain of repeating, identical molecules) in Mr. Norling’s science class. Categories Active Zone – Pictures from P.E General Middle School's Blog Musical Notes Pearls from Preschool Rabbi Lieberman Dovid SPHDS Dirty Brushes Teachers’ Weekly The Principal Principles


#SPHDS GOT TALENT. The SPHDS Talent show was held Friday, June 9, 2017 in the MPR. Students took to the stage and shared their talents and passions with the school community. Forty-eight students performed a total of 24 acts, including dancing with a hula-hoop, synchronized rollerblading, singing both solo and group, performing theatrical and comedic skits, playing […]

Deepening Minds

On Wednesday, May 24, SPHDS held the Torah Fair in which students tackled complex and meaningful topics in Judaic Studies and demonstrated their learning through creative and innovative projects. Like the SPHDS Science Fair, students approach their topic using a scientific method – they identified a topic, performed in-depth research, created a thesis (i.e., a hypothesis), and […]

Eureka! We Found Gold!

On Tuesday morning, 4th grade students and families starting arriving at school at 7:30am. Unlike most days, these students, many of whom woke at 4 or 5 in the morning due to excitement, were hauling sleeping bags, flashlights, and duffel bags in preparation for their overnight Gold Rush Field Trip!Students, parent chaperones, and our 4th […]

Appreciating our Teachers and Staff

This week we are celebrating our dedicated and inspirational teachers. We can never thank our teachers enough for inspiring student curiosity and creativity, developing skills and knowledge, and instilling values and work ethic.  SPHDS teachers are extraordinarily gifted educators who engage students and make learning come alive. To thank them, the students, parents, Parent Association, […]

Honoring the Fallen and Celebrating Independence

On Monday, May 1st, the 6th grade students presented an emotional ceremony in honor of Yom HaZikaron. A sea of students donning white, blue and a Yizkor sticker filed into the MPR to honor the lives and memories of the soldiers and citizens of Israel who lost their lives to war or terrorism. The solemn Yom HaZikaron ceremony celebrated humanity […]

Commemorating Yom HaShoah

On Monday, April 24th, the middle school students along with the Hebrew faculty led the school’s Yom HaShoah ceremony. The overcast weather and light drizzle reflected the somber mood of the day. The ceremony began with the sound of a single siren and one minute of silence. After the minute of silence, each student recited […]