Night At the Museum

Our dedicated teachers are always working to inspire a love of learning, creativity, and critical thinking in the next generation of Jewish leaders and professionals. Through hands-on learning students make abstract ideas concrete while also exploring ideas in deeper and more profound ways. On Wednesday, learning in K-8 came alive during Night At the Museum. Our KinderGarteners […]

Happy Pi Day!

SPHDS is honoring Pi Day! Pi is a very special series of infinite digits. In fourth grade, students were challenged to memorize as many digits of pi as possible. They employed colored beads to assist them with memorizing the digits of pi. Each bead represented a digit from 0-9, and they strung the beads in […]

The Story of a Holocaust Survivor

The middle school students were honored to meet Dr. Anna Rubin, a Holocaust survivor. Dr. Rubin eloquently shared her story of loss, survival, courage, and hope during the late 1930s and 1940s. In the early 1940s, when she was 16 or 17, her family arranged for a fake, government issued identification card so she could […]

Physics is Fun!

  Frank Cascarano, a professor from Foothill College, presented The Physics Show to the 4th to 8th grade students. The focus of his presentation was the physics of light and sound. During the light portion of the show, he discussed refraction, wavelengths, as well white and black light. He employed hands-on demonstrations to illustrate refraction and used these principles to […]


Preschool to 8th grade students are celebrating Engineer Week by participating in the SPHDS STEM Night Adventure as well as the 5th to 8th Grade Science Fair.The SPHDS Science Fair is one of my favorite days on campus as this day highlights the ingenuity, creativity, and problem-solving skills of our 5th to 8th grade students. […]

Celebrating Milestones

Our kindergarten, first, and second grade students reached important milestones in their Jewish lives and education. The kindergarten students performed their Bereishit show for their parents, an event that celebrates finishing the twelve Parashiot in the Book of Bereishit. At our Bereishit show, we sang our way through Sefer Bereishit, sharing its stories and Mitzvot. Learning these […]

Math Geared to Students: “You Sank My Battleship”

SPHDS teachers strive to make math challenging and meaningful. As adults, we engage in conversations and activities that match our interests and intellectual pursuits. To pique student interest and engage them in intellectually stimulating activities, our teachers employ their creativity to design activities that are geared to student interests while tied to standards.In 5th grade, […]

South Peninsula Hebrew Day School Student Republic

The Middle School Newspaper Team has published the second issue of the South Peninsula Hebrew Say School Student Republic. This issue includes gripping news articles, well-written and well-developed Dvar Torah, creative writing and book reviews. I hope you enjoy an insight into the life of middle school students.  Categories Active Zone – Pictures from P.E General Middle […]

Middle School is Connecting to their Roots

 In history and literature, students learn to critically analyze different narratives documenting transforming societies. Like detectives, they immerse themselves in the details in order to see the forest through the trees. As critical consumers of information, students learn to evaluate the intent and bias of the author, the research, position and strategies that the author employed to […]

Laying the Foundations for Intellectual Growth

Students from kindergarten to 8th grade are studying scientific disciplinary core ideas such as Earth and Planetary sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences to better understand the world around them, to pose testable questions and develop solutions, and to participate in public discourse and debate about the role and contribution of science in past and […]