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Preschool Afternoon Program

Great things are happening In our Afternoon Program. Your children learn, develop and practice their skills every day. Part of our roles as educators is to constantly look for ways we can encourage children to develop their life long skills. A big part of preschool and growing up is learning how to become an independent […]

Night At The Museum!

Night at the Museum was a success! I’m glad to finally showcase so many wonderful artworks that our students have created. It was wonderful to see families enjoy the display as well as see their child’s artwork. Thank you to all of the artists!  

Night At the Museum

Our dedicated teachers are always working to inspire a love of learning, creativity, and critical thinking in the next generation of Jewish leaders and professionals. Through hands-on learning students make abstract ideas concrete while also exploring ideas in deeper and more profound ways. On Wednesday, learning in K-8 came alive during Night At the Museum. Our KinderGarteners […]