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#SPHDS GOT TALENT. The SPHDS Talent show was held Friday, June 9, 2017 in the MPR. Students took to the stage and shared their talents and passions with the school community. Forty-eight students performed a total of 24 acts, including dancing with a hula-hoop, synchronized rollerblading, singing both solo and group, performing theatrical and comedic skits, playing […]

Second Grade: Cardboard Structure

Second grade students have been given a challenge to create a cardboard sculpture that can withstand weight. The students were given various sizes of cardboard and the contest have only these rules: no glue, no tape. Students have chosen their own groups/partner to create their creative sculpture, and the tallest, strongest sculpture will win a […]

What a preschooler can learn from a Jewish Holiday?

  The beauty in the Jewish holidays is that they can be used as a platform for variety of opportunities of learning. It can be the historic story of the holiday, it can be the symbols and the customs of the holiday, or it can be the values that stands behind the meaning of the […]