2nd Grade Judaic – Mrs. Cunin

The seond graders have learned so much this year.  Today we went through the entire Parshat Lech Lecha seeing if we can decode and remember the Chumash we learned the entire year!! I was so impressed how much each student remembers. Please have your child continue throughout the summer to review the skills we have learned […]

1st Grade General Studies – Mrs. Meyers & Mrs. Orosco

Language ArtsIn reading, we are preparing Reader’s Theater plays to perform for the kindergarten students.  Reader’s Theater is a wonderful way for our first graders to practice their reading fluency.  Rather than focusing on memorizing lines, the emphasis is on reading with fluency and expression.  The first graders are excited to perform for our kindergarten […]

Middle School Core – Mrs. Avrukin

6th:In 6th Grade, we are wrapping up the year with our favorite books. We will be using these books to create a map of the Hero’s Journey. Then, we will be writing short essays on the theme of the books. In addition, we have been taking time each day to debate hot topic issues (i.e. […]

Middle School Math – Mrs. Novak

For middle school math, we are approaching our final chapter. 6/7 advanced math are finishing chapter 7: Solving Equations and Inequalities. This topic requires a lot of practice and should be mastered during all Algebra courses.      6th grade math students are starting to solve equations with variables.      8th grade students (P2 room) are […]

Middle School Science & Math – Dr. Goewert

Greetings Middle School Parents,In Algebra, students have explored multiple ways (finding the square root, graphing, and the quadratic equation) to solve quadratic equations. Currently, we are studying polynomials and factoring. This includes adding and subtracting polynomials, multiplying polynomials, two special cases of multiplying polynomials, factoring special products, factoring quadratic trinomials, and solving quadratics by factoring […]

2nd Grade General Studies – Mrs. Gartenberg

Dear Parents, It’s difficult to believe that we are in the last month of second grade. I am so proud of how much the children have accomplished both individually and as a class. But even more important is seeing how proud they are of themselves. They are ready for third grade and they know it! […]

4th Grade General Studies – Ms. Valle

A lot has happened since my last newsletter, the Gold Rush Trip being one of the biggest things. It was a great success and all who participated had a great time, myself included.  I would like to say a huge thanks to Dr. Shiff, Mr. Handwerker, Mr. Feigenbaum, Mr. Finkelman, Rabbi Kamin, Rabbi Feldman and […]

5th Grade General Studies – Mr. Norling

Hello Wonderful 5th Grade Families!There is an admitedly somber tone in this newsletter because it will be my last one for this year.  I have grown very attached to my students, and I will be simultaneously crestfallen and proud to see them move on.  Nevertheless, we still have some time left, and I plan to […]

3rd Grade General Studies – Mr. Norling

Hello Wonderful 3rd Grade Families!I have to say I’m a litte bit blue because this will be my last newsletter for the year.  I get very attached to my students, and this was a very special group, so the idea that my time with them (at least in 3rd grade) is coming to a close […]

4th Grade Hebrew – Morah Hila Haim

Dear Wonderful 4th Grade Parents, Thank you for attending the Yom HaAtzm’aut show. The children were very excited to perform, and I was so proud of each and every student’s performance.Over the past week, the students have focused on and practiced Hebrew grammar such as using verbs with pronouns and tenses with games, paperwork, creating verb cards and more.I truly admire each student’s enthusiasm to progress […]