Middle School

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Sixth – Eighth

Beginning in 6th grade, SPHDS students are part of our Middle School.  Our program is a demanding but supportive one, combining rigorous curriculum in Judaic, Hebrew, and General Studies. Our Middle School graduates are well prepared academically and personally for all the competitive public and private high schools, and yeshivot across the country. They leave us grounded in Jewish tradition and ethics, and equipped with the academic and Torah knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

In middle school, students begin to have specialized classes in individual subjects with expert teachers.  Small class sizes (11-16 students in most subjects) coupled with the combination of students across grade lines, provides personal academic attention and a varied but supportive social setting during this critical time of development. Rounding out the Middle School schedule are Advisory, which provides students with a time to reflect and learn about social emotional issues, and additional elective offerings in areas such as robotics debate and leadership. In their final year the students travel to Israel as a capstone to their learning.