Philosophy Play is the basic ingredient of children’s learning. Young children first learn to deal with the concrete, tangible materials, and later with the manipulation of the symbols that represent them. While the classes appear informal, the program and the environment are the result of careful planning and structuring. Our free play periods are structured with a variety of enticing real objects to explore individually and also in a social context, with other children and adults. In teaching of Jewish Studies, our goal is to foster a great love and excitement for Jewish learning and living. Children will gain a deeper understating of Jewish values, holidays, customs and T’filla, while gaining a stronger Jewish identity, respect and concern for others through the learning of Mitzvot. Consideration is given to the individual child as well as to the needs of the group. The goal of our program is to help each child grow towards increasing physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Teachers help the children to do this by: * Creating and planning an enriching play environment appropriate to the children’s development * Encouraging active curiosity and enthusiasm for learning * Promoting cooperative social interaction * Supporting individual creative expression * Providing opportunities for children to develop physical skills and coordination * Providing opportunities to learn new information and develop increasingly complex problem solving skills.

Curriculum Our play-based curriculum allows children opportunities to experiment, discover, and create. Classrooms are alive with intentional experiences that spark curiosity and a love of learning. With the loving guidance of our teachers, children learn the life skills they need for success. Self-regulation, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity are just some of the essential skills our children gain through experiential learning. Our goal in Jewish learning is to instill a love of Judaism and and a connection to the land of Israel. We accomplish this through joyful and meaningful Jewish experiences, customs and traditions in accordance with the Jewish calendar. Our dual-language English-Hebrew program is supported by a native Hebrew speaker teacher and a native English speaker teacher in each classroom. Hebrew language, stories, and songs are used daily with an emphasis on conversational Hebrew. We begin each morning with t’fillah (prayer) through songs, and we say the appropriate blessing before each snack and before lunch. Shabbat is celebrated in each classroom every week.

Our Teachers Our teachers are warm, loving and knowledgeable in early childhood development and all have received specialized training in early childhood education. Our low student teacher ratios enable children to develop trusting, meaningful relationships with their teachers. We believe in providing the tools for children to become joyful lifelong learners and we work in partnership with parents to strengthen and grow the bond of school, family and community.   To schedule a tour a learn more about our preschool program, please contact us at